Introduction to Online Roulette

  • Jan 22, 2021

Roulette game is one of the oldest and most famous casino table games in the industry - both at an online or land-based casino. Most players usually think that the ball mainly involves a ball moving in the opposite direction of a spinning wheel, and the winner is determined based on which number the ball lands. However, this is not the case as the game of roulette is more than just spinning of the wheel. Just like the Blackjack table game, Roulette game has been around for decades. Visit for more.

There is no consensus as to when the game of Roulette originates from. However, most researchers agreed that the game was built by a French man named Blaise Pascal in the seventeenth century. The man was a mathematician and a physicist who made attempt to build the perpetual motion machine but later invented what we know as roulette game today. The earliest version of the game was introduced in Britain in 1720s. An early version of Roulette game featured two pockets - Double and single zero.

Basic Rules of the Game

The game rules are quite simple. The roulette wheel has of black and red pockets which consist of one or two green zero slots, and a number from 1 to 36. In the online gambling industry, the European Roulette usually feature just a single green zero pocket, while the American Roulette has 2 double zero pockets. Before you can spin the wheel, you need to place a wager or bet. The European Roulette is more popular because it has a lower house edge of 2.7% while American Roulette has 5.26%.

Before you begin to play the game, you need to understand the types of roulette bet available. These include inside and outside bets. On the game's table, you will find numbers from 1 to 36 that are arranged in columns and rows. Bets placed on any of this number will be considered as inside bets. These are sub-divided into seven main types to include Straight, Trio, Street, Basket, Split, Corner, and Six lanes. However, any bet placed on other sectors of the table is considered outside bets. These include Column, Dozen, etc.


Online Roulette Rules

In the game of roulette, there are basically three main rules that players can make use to reduce the casino house edge when it comes to the single zero and double zero. One of these rules is the La Partage. This kind of rule is mostly common in French Roulette and some variants of European Roulette. With the La partage rule applied, if the ball stops on 0, any player that placed a bet on even money bet will pay out half instead of losing all the money.

Additionally, there is the En Prison rule. Unlike the La partage rule, this rule more complex. Instead of giving a player half of their bet when the ball lands on the green zero, the players will stand a chance to win on the next spin. Here, the dealer will mark the player as being in prison. After the next spin, any bets that win will be cashed out while the ones that do not will be lost to the casino. The American version of the rules discussed is called Surrender.

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